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Horn Craftsperson

Abbeyhorn Ltd
Holme Mills Industrial Estate

Hours: 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday - Friday
The position is available immediately

Company Overview

Established in 1749 Abbeyhorn is the last remaining horn works in the UK. Using traditional skills we craft a large range of homeware and giftware, from natural materials, such as cow horn, rams horn and red deer antler. These products are distributed on a wholesale basis to a diverse range of retail outlets throughout the world, by mail order via our online store and to the general public through our small factory shop.

Job Description

An opportunity has arisen for an experienced and enthusiastic Horn worker to join our small team in our busy factory. Your main responsibility will be to work as part of the team to produce a wide variety of high quality goods, made from a selection of different animal horns.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

As part of our team we expect you to be:
  • Safety conscious
  • Able to use machinery appropriately and safely
  • Capable of following instructions accurately
  • Able to work quickly, carefully and methodically even though the work may sometimes be repetitive
  • Complete tasks you are set to the best of your ability
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Able to listen and take guidance from those you are responsible to
  • Work well in a team and be able to get on with people of all ages
  • Reliable and a good time keeper

Key Duties:

  • Load and unload raw materials, components and packaging
  • Weigh or measure materials or ingredients accurately
  • Use soft flames or oil to manipulate, mould or cut out pieces of horn
  • Operate, with care and consideration, machinery such as band saws, sanding and grinding machines, lathes and various other smaller pieces of machinery and tools, to turn raw horn into beautiful and saleable giftware
  • Change and repair tools, equipment and pieces of machinery
  • Assemble and fit components together with the likes of glues, nails and threaded bar, which may require hand tools or power tools
  • Finish products, which may involve cleaning, smoothing edges, putting in or on protective coatings. This may involve the use of strong chemicals
  • Inspect and check products throughout all stages of production and remove or repair damaged or faulty items
  • Keep the factory clean and tidy within a friendly environment

The tasks you are given are all equally important. The quality of the job you do will affect the next person’s work further up the production line.

Please reply in writing enclosing your CV.