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More than 250 years of tradition.

Trading over four centuries.

In a world where so much is artificial Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural products can be. Using traditional methods our skilled horn carvers produce a range of quality goods that are both captivating and functional.

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Pssst..... the secret is out!!!

Each year, here at Abbeyhorn, there is a frenetic cycle of inspiration, creativity and discovery followed by feverish research, development and testing - then (pause) a collected gathering of breath…

Why I hear you ask?  Well the answer is simple – so we can deliver, for you, a new and exciting fresh range of products, from the purely practical to the utterly indulgent.

Thus without further ado let us introduce a taster of just a few of this years favourite creations:

Cufflinks For The Connoisseur
Since the resurgence of men’s interest in fashion, pride in their appearance and a sense of personal style, dressing up now goes hand in hand with dressing well.  As a result cufflinks are experiencing an extraordinary revival and we intend you to be spoilt for choice with our stunning collection of cuff accessories.  Cufflinks have been in circulation for as long as Abbeyhorn has been in existence and that’s a very long time!  Yet surprisingly they have never featured in our range - until now.

For a touch of understated elegance choose our classic textured red deer antler cufflink, available in both traditional round and square shaped Rhodium settings.

Forget “corporate casual” - express your individualism, instead, by personally selecting the colour for the hand polished oxhorn pieces to be inset into your choice of either a rectangular or square Rhodium case, a sure way to reflect your own unique style.

If your taste is more minimalist why not select the oval or the discrete narrow rectangle Rhodium casing or dare to be different with the unusual marquis shaped Rhodium case and stand out from the crowd.

Whichever style you choose you can be reassured that you will receive a pair of cufflinks that are extremely distinctive, sophisticated, and oozing with quality...  Truly a pleasure to own!

Shoe Shine Chic
Who says no one notices your shoes - this aphorism, apparently popularised by the movie ’The Shawshank Redemption’ has silently insinuated its way into our contemporary mode of thinking.  However, here at Abbeyhorn we beg to disagree!  How often have you sat in your doctor’s waiting room or have commuted on the train with nothing to do but people watch, we bet you checked out everyone’s shoes.

Nothing compliments a set of clothes better than a great pair of shoes and a great pair of shoes most definitely begins with quality leather.  Unfortunately this quality often comes with an investment of a large portion of our salaries and yet surprisingly this investment can be very easily extended, threefold, with just a very small amount of time and effort.

Shoe care is the essential secret - not only does this nourish the leather, adding waterproofing and shine, it extends the life of your shoes and ensures that you will stand out from ‘top to toe’.

To quote Esquire “These may be the ugly weapons and processes of shoe care”, yet Abbeyhorn says “Why suffer for style”.  Don’t settle for ugly accessories - fly against the face of adversity and select this utterly indulgent set of shoeshine brushes, which we have created for you, to make caring for your shoes a luxurious extension of caring for yourself.

Our small shoe polish brush is perfect for the application of every quality shoe polish.  Don’t slather it on, apply with a circular rubbing motion, but don’t be afraid to be aggressive.  The natural boar bristle ensures an even application of polish while the practical, yet robust, beech wood body of the brush provides the ultimate way to release the stresses of a rough day on the hard front and remember the more you rub the better it gets.   The whole piece has then been lovingly backed with a thin sheet of highly polished and colourful cow horn to add a little opulence to ensure shoe care does not become shoe chore.

Created from the same superior materials our large shoeshine brush has a longer beech wood body, than it’s little sibling, to ensure a firm purchase for the vigorous buffing required to whip up that perfect shine.  The natural pig bristles are renowned for their strength and resilience but their ability to “give” ensures this elegant horn backed polishing brush will take the hard work out of caring for your shoes.

The stiffer hog’s hair bristles of our Oxhorn backed suede brush are just great for removing scuff marks, mud or dirt from your ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.  The ergonomic beech wood handle facilitates the firm grasp necessary for brushing scuffed areas, vigorously, with a back and forth motion yet also provides the comfortable hold required for the gently brushing away of dust or dirt.  Brush in the direction of the nap and don't go back and forth to lift off the dirt, then use a steamer, an iron or a kettle, held at a distance of approximately six inches, to steam the suede just enough to make it hot, before brushing once again to bring that nap back up.

You will be surprise how just a tiny bit of effort and loving care can quickly refresh and restore your suede to its just newly acquired condition.

Teamed up with our existing deer polishing bone, ideal for removing slight creases and marks from fine leather and our bone applicators or welt brushes, designed to remove grit from the seam where the upper meets the sole, these distinctive implements of shoe care have enabled Abbeyhorn to now provide you with the most inclusive shoe care kit available!

We hope you love this little introduction to our new lines as much as we have relished in introducing them to you, if only so we can let out our collected breath…

To preview further new additions to our range (plus some old faithful products not previously featured) go directly to our
New Lines section on our website or watch out for coming newsletters featuring further articles on:

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