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Horn Drinks Stirrer
Horn Drinks Stirrer
Oval Horn Hair Brush | Boar Bristled Cow Horn Hair Br
Oval Horn Hair Brush
Deer Polishing Bones
Deer Polishing Bones

More than 250 years of tradition.

Trading over four centuries.

In a world where so much is artificial Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural products can be. Using traditional methods our skilled horn carvers produce a range of quality goods that are both captivating and functional.

If you are searching for a gift for the man in your life take a browse through our men’s hair, moustache and beard combs and brushes, our shoe care products and shoe horn range, or our gentleman’s cufflinks and collar stays.

Look no further for a gift for your special lady than our luxurious hair combs, hair slides and hair pins, or choose a bangle, ring or pendant from our oxhorn range of jewellery.

Need a little inspiration for your home?  Explore our extensive range of homeware, kitchenware and dining accessories from salad servers to spoons, floor hides and cushions, to steak cutlery and carving sets.

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