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Pair of Bone Egg Spoon

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Pair of Bone Egg Spoon

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25mm by 123mm


Pair of Bone Egg Spoon

Get Twice As Much From Nature

These two carded cow bone spoons are made from domestic cow bone; they have a smooth finish and are an alternative to horn.

In the 1st Century A.D. the Romans designed two types of spoons, similar in style to the spoons below, that ultimately had far-reaching influence. The first a ligula, was used for soups and soft foods. It had a pointed oval bowl and a handle ending in a decorative design. The second style of spoon was called a cochleare, was a small spoon with a round bowl and a pointed, slender handle for eating shellfish and eggs. The earliest English spoons were likely modelled after these two types of spoons due to the Roman occupation of Britain from A.D. 43 to 410.

Spoons make lovely gifts for all.

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