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The Team

Name: Paul Cleasby

Position: Director

Profile: A Cumbrian through and through Paul started working for Abbeyhorn in 1980 as an apprentice hornworker. However in 1991 in true Victor Kiam style “He liked the company so much he bought it”.
Paul takes an active role in the company by hand producing the more bespoke items such as our horn chairs and tables, attending the various Trade Fairs we visit and (attempting) to keep us all in line.
When not steering this glorious ship called Abbeyhorn Paul enjoys spending time with his delightful young daughters, snooker and motorbikes.


Name: Jennifer Bainbridge

Position: Hornworker

Profile: Jen, yet another Cumbrian, came to Abbeyhorn in 2004 and is the only female in the factory - after all there has to be someone to show the guys how it’s done!
Jennifer is a general all rounder but specialises in producing our stag handled items, backing our horn brushes and producing the more traditional items in our range.
When not working she enjoys climbing the fells of Cumbria with her two Jack Russell’s, fine dining and socialising.

Name: Graham Bowles

Position: Hornworker

Profile: Born in Farnborough, Kent Graham saw sense and relocated to Cumbria in 1973. In 1977 he joined Abbeyhorn as an apprentice hornworker before working his way up to Factory Manager in 1994. Graham deserted Abbeyhorn in April 2005 to become a meter reader for a utility company but could not stay away and soon returned to the nest in November 2005 to become one of the production team. Graham’s main responsibility is sawing up the horn - it takes a skilled eye to see the potential of each piece of horn.
Outside of Abbeyhorn Graham enjoys walking, cycling, DIY, politics, steam trains and his Grandchildren (not necessarily in order). He is also a Red Cross trained First Aider and very active in the Charity.

Name: Chris Street

Position: Hornworker

Profile: Our ‘other’ Chris started working for Abbeyhorn in 1999 but left due to ill health. He returned to the fold, fighting fit, in 2008.
Another all rounder Chris also specialises in the moulding of shoehorns and walking sticks and is currently learning the skills of sawing up the horn.
In his spare time Chris enjoys camping and caravanning with his children and gardening.

Name: Jordan Taylor

Position: Hornworker

Profile: Our youngest member of the team, Jordan, originally started working for Abbeyhorn in 2013 as part of the office team - until the factory stole him from us.  Whilst in the office Jordan became familiar with our engraving software by converting new customer’s logo’s. Taking these skills into the factory Jordan is now responsible for our two laser machines, engraving over 23,000 logos’ each year.
Cumbrian born and bred, Jordan now relishes having his weekends free, after serving beer in a bar in his previous job he now helps make beer mugs for a living!  Making the most of these free weekends Jordan enjoys going to the gym and watching the mighty Leeds United play.  Having just purchased his first home he is particularly house proud but will forgive his cats when they crumple the cushions.

Name: Simon Rucastle

Position: Packing and Despatch

Profile: Simon another Lancastrian strayed over the border in 2013 to become our full time Master of the Packing Room.  With endless patience Simon endures the daily requests of “can you just” from the office, whilst seamlessly picking, packing and despatching our countless daily orders.  After 22 years in the Prison Service Simon became a full time stay at home Father for awhile so it’s no the wonder that he now says he actually enjoys coming to work in a morning.
In his spare time Simon enjoys listening to heavy metal and is a keen festivalgoer.  When not rocking he is an avid football fan and is a season ticket holder at Preston North End - although some would call this an affliction not a pleasure!


Name: Tracey Harris

Position: Office Manager

Profile: One of the three non-Cumbrian members of staff, Tracey was born in Sunderland but settled in Cumbria after a three-year tour of Australia. Tracey joined Abbeyhorn in 2002 as an office assistant but was promoted to office manager when her predecessor left. Tracey’s roles include maintaining the accounts, processing payments, product costings, HR and payroll to name but a few.
To unwind Tracey enjoys pottering about her allotment, camping and canoeing and voluntary work for the Cumbria Bridleway Society (even though she does not ride!)

Name: Amy Crabtree

Position: Purchasing Coordinator

Profile: Lancastrian Amy, our newest recruit in the office, joined us in October 2015.  After many years of shift work in a local hotel (we all remember how awful shifts can be) Amy now enjoys the more sociable hours of her role at Abbeyhorn as well as the variety the position offers.  Responsible for purchasing Amy makes sure our suppliers get paid on time and is slowly learning the difference between a flapper wheel and a polishing mop – something even our suppliers get confused by!
When not keeping us in supplies and keeping us entertained with her quick wit and humour, Amy enjoys socialising, walking her dog and trying to preserve her accident-prone cat’s last life. 


Name: Doris Holmes

Position: "Angel"

Profile: Doris worked for the previous owner of Abbeyhorn and the current owner full time for many, many years before retiring. Sadly we won’t allow her to disappear entirely and call on her twice a year to cover the telephones when Pauline and Tracey go “to play Viking” in York. Doris is a little dynamo and the office is always sparkling and ship shape when we return.