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Stag Antler Button Hook

Stag Antler Button Hook

Button Up With Ease And In Style

Button hooks or boot hooks have been in use since at least the 17th century when fabrics were more stiff and inflexible than modern day materials. From military coats, leggings, spats and gaiters to ladies boots, gloves and corset’s this handy little tool proved to be an invaluable time saver.

This sturdy stainless steel hook has an ergonomic stag antler handle to ensure a firm grip for nimble buttoning.

Simply insert the loop through the buttonhole and position the hook around the shank of the button. Pull the hook back through the buttonhole bringing the button along with it, and then release the button from the hook before moving on to the next button. This simple process greatly eases and speeds dressing, ideal for one-handed buttoning and independent living.

This product comes in an Abbeyhorn gift box

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